Welcome to Xin Guang Chemical Factory

Shenyang Xin Guang Chemical Factory is a modern enterprise founded in 1988, specializing in manufacturing and selling fine chemical products. We produce five major product serieses: Inorganic chemical, chemical reagents of GR, AR, CP grade,pharmaceutical raw materials, electronic chemicals, food additives, and over 700 kinds of conventional varieties. At the same time, we can provide directional process according to demands of special indicatorss for chemical products. Our plant owns advanced machines, proficient technology, professional technicians, perfect service group and high quality products, which make us provide good service for our customers.

Contact us

Group name: Shenyang Xin Guang Chemical Factory
Address : No.28 Shanyu Road.Sujiatun District,Shenyang,China.110101
Tel : +86-24-89160086
Mobile phone:+86-18642029806
Fax :+86-24-89160086
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact person: manager zhang

Main Products

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